Research Interests

Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Information Retrieval

Project Experience

Keyphrase Generation based on Deep Learning
Aiming to extract keyphrases from large-scale academic corpus, an LSTM neural network with multiple attention mechanisms is proposed to solve this problem, and it achieves a significant boost over previous methods.
Kaggle: Springleaf Market Response
A large-scale classification task aims to locate the target users for advertising. More than 290,000 customer records with nearly 2,000 anonymized features are used in this study. A complete pipeline has been implemented in this study, including data analysis (statistics and visualization), feature engineering (selection, reduction) and classification (ensemble models).
Citation Semantic Classification
Citation performs in different semantic roles in scientific papers. A fine-grined classification is conducted, based on support vector machine with multiple types of semantic features (n-grams, pos-tagging, linguistic pattern, typed dependency, entity etc.).
National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces
The most influential programming competition for senior high school students in China. Similar to ACM Programming Contest, the NOIP require the contestants to show great IT skills as problem analysis, design of algorithms and data structures, programming and testing. The winners (less 1% of contestants) are recommended and accepted to top universities in China.


University of Pittsburgh
Information Science and Technology - PhD student
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Sep 2015 - Present
Wuhan University
Management Science and Engineering - Master
Wuhan, Hubei, China
Sep 2012 - Jul 2015
Wuhan University
Information Management and System - Bachelor
Wuhan, Hubei, China
Sep 2008 - Jul 2012


  • Deep Keyphrase Generation. [PDF][CODE]
         Rui Meng, Sanqiang Zhao, Shuguang Han, Daqing He, Peter Brusilovsky and Yu Chi.
         55th Annual Meeting of Association for Computational Linguistics. (ACL 2017).
  • Knowledge-based Content Linking for Online Textbooks. [PDF]
         Rui Meng, Shuguang Han, Yun Huang, Daqing He and Peter Brusilovsky.
         2016 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence. (WI 2016).
  • Learning Semantic Representation from Restaurant Reviews: A Study of Yelp Dataset. [PDF]
         Sanqiang Zhao, Shuguang Han, Rui Meng, Daqing He, Danchen Zhang.
         iConference 2017.
  • Automatic Classification of Citation Function by New Linguistic Features. [PDF]
         Rui Meng, Wei Lu, Yu Chi and Shuguang Han.
         iConference 2017.
  • The Application of Query Performance Prediction to Result Merging of Aggregated Search
         Rui Meng, Yong Huang, Wei Lu, Qi Wang
         Cooperation and Promotion of Information Resources in Science and Technology, 2013. COINFO'13.

Technical Skills

Machine Learning:
Theano, Scikit-learn, NLTK, Weka, Mallet, Stanford NLP toolkits
Research Tools:
Python, Java, Linux, Bash, R, Web Development

Selected Awards, Scholarships, & Achievements

First Prize of National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces
Awarded to top 1% participants in China for outstanding skills in algorithms and computer programming
China Computer Federation
Jan 2008
Full Scholarship
Awarded to top students entering university
Wuhan University
Sep 2012
The First-Class Scholarship
Awarded to Top 5% students based on comprehensive ability evaluation
Wuhan University
Oct 2013
The Pacemaker to Graduate Student
Awarded to top students (1%) with extraordinary leadership
Wuhan University
Feb 2014


Technology: AI, AI, and AI, start-up
Fun: film, travelling