School of Information Sciences

Stephen Griffin

Visiting Professor, Mellon Cyberscholar

620 IS Building

Institution of highest degree:
George Washington University

Research Interests:

Interdisciplinary scholarly communication, cultural heritage informatics and data-intensive scholarship.

Recent Publications:

Griffin, S., Editorial Board, Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Griffin S., “Libraries in the Digital Age: Technologies, Innovation, Shared Resources and New Responsibilities”, Chapter in “Communication and Technology”, Volume 5 of the series “Handbook of Communication Science”, Ed. by Cantoni, L., Danowski, J., De Gruyter Mouton (2015)

Griffin S., Gradmann, Stefan, Guest Editors; Special Issue of International Journal of Digital Libraries on Digital Scholarship, July 2013 CFP

Griffin, S. co-author with others, “The Denton Declaration: An Open Data Manifesto”, October 2013

Griffin, S., “New Roles for Libraries in Supporting Data-Intensive Research and Advancing Scholarly Communication, International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing.” Edinburgh University Press, March 2013

Griffin, S., “The Role of Libraries in Improving Data Access And Use in Developing Regions”, Chapter in “The Case for International Sharing of Scientific Data”, Report by the Board of Research Data and Information, National Academy of Sciences, 2012.

Griffin, S., "Recovering the past through computation: new techniques for cultural heritage," Multimedia Information Retrieval, 2010:13-14

Griffin, S., Peters, C., Thanos, C., "Towards the new-generation digital libraries: recommendations of the NSF/EU-DELOS working groups," Int. J. on Digital Libraries (JODL), 5(4):253-254 (2005)

Fox, E.A., Crane, G.R., Griffin, S.M., Larsen, R.L., Levy, D.M., McArthur, D.J., Shigeo, S., "Digital libraries settling the score: 10 years hence and 10 before," JCDL 2004:374

Griffin, S., "Planning for future digital libraries programs," JCDL 2002:370

Howe, S.E., Nagel, D.C., Chen, C., Griffin, S.M., Lightbourne, J., Warnick, W.L., "The president's information technology advisory committee's February 2001 digital library report and its impact," JCDL 2001:223-225


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