School of Information Sciences

Richard A. Thompson

Professor Emeritus

LG11 IS Building

Institution of highest degree:
PhD, University of Connecticut

Research Interests:

Communications switching systems, especially photonic switching; intelligent networks; terminals; user services and the human interface; fault tolerance and cellular automata; probabilistic formal languages.

All Publications:

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Recent Publications:

Thompson, Richard A. (2011) Two Conditions under which WDM Networks are Rearrangeably Nonblocking without Wavelength Interchangers. In: 2nd Int'l Conference on the Network of the Future, November 28-30, 2011, Paris, France. (Submitted)

Thompson, Richard (2011) Telecom Technology and Audio Quality. In: 2nd Int'l Conference on Society and Information Technologies, March 27-30, 2011, Orlando, FL. (Unpublished)

Thompson, Richard “Nonblocking Conditions in Two-Node Multiplexed Networks,” ITERA Conference, April 2010.

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